New version of ShowCase 1.2.2

17 july 2023


  • In this update minor bug fixes and improvements.


Added \ Updated files:​

  • admin/controller/extension/theme/oct_showcase.php
  • admin/controller/octemplates/design/oct_slideshow_plus.php
  • admin/language/en-gb/octemplates/design/oct_slideshow_plus.php
  • admin/language/ru-ru/octemplates/design/oct_slideshow_plus.php
  • admin/language/uk-ua/octemplates/design/oct_slideshow_plus.php
  • admin/view/template/octemplates/design/oct_slideshow_plus_form.twig
  • catalog/controller/checkout/oct_fastorder.php
  • catalog/view/theme/oct_showcase/js/main.min.js
  • catalog/view/theme/oct_showcase/js/min/app.min.js
  • catalog/view/theme/oct_showcase/stylesheet/style.min.css
  • catalog/view/theme/oct_showcase/template/common/footer.twig
  • catalog/view/theme/oct_showcase/template/product/product.twig

You can download the latest and current version of the template in the support center:

Update instructions here:

We strongly recommend that you back up your site before upgrading (files + database via PHPMYADMIN). 

If necessary, please contact our technical support.

You can order a paid service for updating the template to the current version.

The new version of the template is: edits and functionality improvements + new modules and solutions.

Attention! If you made / make non-standard and customized edits to our template files, then your improvements will be overwritten during the update.