ShowCase – Responsive / Multipurpose Opencart Template

ShowCase – Responsive / Multipurpose Opencart Template
Demo Site Presentation Admin Panel Documentation
65.00 $
(29) reviews
Versions of Opencart/Ocstore -
Archive "Quick start" +
Activation Automatic
System requirements PHP 7.4 - 8.2; Mysqli
Localization ua, en, ru
Version 1.9

It is a ready-to-use product with a set of essential modules already built into it.

The template has a nice design, is very convenient and easy to customize, and is optimized as much as possible according to all Google recommendations.

200 + settings and 30 + various modules will allow you to quickly and easily configure the online store for any products.

Make a purchase:

Showcase is a modern template that has a stylish design and user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Showcase has many functions, settings and tools necessary for a modern online store to quickly start selling goods.

The template files are not encoded and do not require ionCube to work. This means that you or your developer will be able to make edits and changes to the functionality of the template without difficulty.

Automatic conversion of images to webp, minimization of scripts and styles, lazy loading of fonts and images. The most up-to-date Google Pagespeed recommendations are taken into this template. The template is adapted to all possible popular devices.

Synchronization of order data, popular products and categories with Google e-commerce, the ability to connect Google Tag Manager and Ads.

Excellent support for multistores. Ability to localize the template into any language (default English and Ukrainian).

List of modules included with the template:​​

  • (new) Bestsellers in Categories and Manufacturers.
  • (new) Stock Notification.
  • (new) Popup options when adding to cart.
    (new)  "Smart checkout - Ordering" module - a module that will allow you to customize a one-page checkout (ordering) for any needs. Flexible settings, free shipping indicator, fields dependent on delivery and payment methods, minimum order amount, recommended products , block sorting and much more.
  • Question answer
  • Multi-products
  • Banner +
  • Blog
  • Quick order
  • Product Quick View
  • Popup Cart
  • Admin Messages Widget
  • Additional tabs
  • Live search
  • Information strip
  • Buy in one click
  • Mega menu
  • Multicontacts
  • Microdata for search engines
  • Found cheaper
  • Call Back Module
  • Store Reviews
  • Subscribe to news
  • Cookie policy
  • Landing pages
  • Latest reviews
  • Shop Benefits
  • Products viewed
  • Slideshow +
  • Categories wall
  • Product stickers
  • Page 404
  • Successful order
  • Analytics&E-commerce
  • open graph markup
  • SEO Generator
  • Image change module when selecting options.

Clean and valid code without errors according to W3C standards.

​License terms:

  • Template license key is provided for 1 domain and all its subdomains.
  • The license is issued for an unlimited period, you get lifetime free updates throughout the template development cycle.
  • When you buy a template, you get free technical support for 1 year, after a year you decide for yourself whether you need to continue technical support, it will not affect access to files and the license itself.
  • Technical support can be extended at any time if necessary, the cost is only $20 per year.
  • You can change the license for the domain once for free.

Some modules are not included in the set with the ShowCase template: OCFilter - Product filter module (the module can be added with a discount after purchasing the template, with a promo code)

The ShowCase template was developed using: Bootstrap 5.1.3, jQuery 3.6.0, Font Awesome 5.

Total Reviews:29
Aleksandr Blb
Aleksandr Blb
11 may 2024

Excellent template with lots of necessary functionality, tech support quickly responds to issues and assists with modifications.

Oleksіy (
Oleksіy (
08 march 2024

Thank you very much to all the authors and Stanislav in particular for the great template and great support!

I was making my first website, so there were a lot of questions and they were sometimes very strange.
They answered everything, helped to understand.
What could not be changed within the framework of the template settings, but we "needed" it - was done instantly and for very adequate funds.

As a result, they are satisfied with the site, it works quickly, everything is beautiful (although they haven't started working on it yet).
The mobile version was important, and they were also satisfied with it.

In short, I recommend both the template itself and Octemplates as a whole to everyone!

Thanks for a good product!

06 march 2024

For the first time, I am creating my online store on the opencart platform - I chose this template. I really liked the mobile version and the speed of the site. Optimized enough. I don't know if this is a feature of the template, but it is very convenient that all images are automatically converted to WEBP format. Support is top notch, they help with all questions. In general - very satisfied, thank you.

26 february 2024

Excellent template, lots of advantages.. Has everything needed for a modern online store.... Recommend... 10 out of 10. Thanks guys, well done!

19 february 2024

Very satisfied with what this theme offers, various functions that satisfy even the most demanding customers, technical support responds quickly with concrete solutions, I recommend ShowCase

12 february 2024

Super template. I modified it a little for my needs, the technical support also works well, this is already the 3rd template that I bought here. Thank you.

30 january 2024

Bought this template, you can customize it as you like and what you need, very detailed instructions for setting up the site, colors and modules, and even if you need to change something specific, technical support will help, among the big pluses, technical support responds very quickly

Yurіy (
Yurіy (
09 january 2024

The template was recently added. Just to remind you, not everything was optimized. Like it. pagespeed shows:

Productivity: 100
Accessibility: 93
Recommendations: 100
Search Engine Optimization: 100

You just need to buy a few extra modules.

07 january 2024

Excellent template. already bought 5 licenses.
Adjusted to suit, satisfied.
They also tried cheap or free ones at the same time, only lost time.
Well done guys, we will buy more.

28 december 2023

To be honest, it was hard to choose between several template builders when you don't have enough experience for such a big job as putting together one yourself
online store for yourself.
But after the first request to a few developers for information about the template, these guys responded within 5 minutes...and it happened!
It seems that the team is constantly monitoring the messages (for which we thank them very much).
After that, the choice fell on this team and this ShowCase template, which I have never regretted.
I will explain why this is so.
1. A few people are engaged in a narrow specialization.
2. There is a site, support, a lot of very thorough and step-by-step documentation on installing and configuring templates.
3. And the most important thing is that my request was answered in five minutes and all my questions that arose during the selection of the template were immediately answered.
4. Support is always in touch, although to be honest, I have not had many questions about installation and configuration, but they answer even questions that are not related to the template, for which I am very grateful to them!
But I advise everyone not to abuse their loyalty, because they are also people and need rest and respect for their personal time.

The ShowCase template is very flexible and responsive. Working with him is a pleasure.
I recommend buying patterns from these cool guys.
You will be sure that you will not be abandoned halfway and will always help!
The store is still in the stage of filling with goods, so I will post the domain after the work is finished!
Thanks to Yevhen, Dmytro and Stanislav and I wish you further success and good sales!
And to all of us Victory!
Glory to Ukraine!

15 december 2023

Recently, we decided to update our online store and chose templates from octemplates for Opencart and Ocstore. We were impressed by their coolness and the multitude of settings, which provide incredible flexibility.

What makes octemplates even more impressive is the high performance and aesthetic design. Our online store now looks stylish and attractive, which undoubtedly affects the shopping experience.

The biggest plus is technical support. Dmitry, the developer of octemplates, and his colleague Stanislav provide quick and quality assistance. They resolve all difficulties instantly and professionally.

We sincerely thank the octemplates team for their work and dedication. We are impressed not only by the products but also by their approach to customers. We recommend octemplates to everyone who values high quality and excellent service!

28 september 2023

I bought this template and am very pleased. Almost everything you need is included out of the box and is easily customizable. Special thanks to the developer for the detailed template instructions.

I really liked the work of the support team - they respond quickly and to the point. If you need help with the site's CSS styles, they provide custom code that can be instantly inserted on the site, in the admin area, and without any programming knowledge.

The template itself looks fresh and beautiful. It loads quickly on various devices and is highly responsive. All my acquaintances praise it, and the competitors are jealous. ;)

10 september 2023

Bought remark, showcase, everything is great. The authors quickly fix the bugs I discovered, thank you. Past achievements are also constantly being improved.
I would like you not only to comb the front, but also to add useful functions in the admin. For example, facilitating work with attributes, options, quick editing of products, etc.
And yes, it is undeniably the best template available today.

31 august 2023

The template is excellent, and the team is also working excellently. There were disagreements between us because I'm not a programmer, and I still don't understand everything, but we resolved everything. Thank you!

Vіtalіy (
Vіtalіy (
16 august 2023

A great template, even third-party developers who help with work issues say so, the template is constantly updated, which is very nice, there is development, a good trick, thank you.
For my topic, there is a little lack of additional options in Search - I would like to be able to have the option in the settings to have the option of search settings through various signs, such as (x) (*) (-) (.) and others, as well as more flexible work with images to the template itself fitted the image to the frame as much as possible without invisible frames.

29 july 2023

Support at the level, they always help and respond very quickly.

Єvgen (
Єvgen (
26 june 2023

ДУЖЕ вдячний за продукт і підтримку. Сподіваюсь на довгу і плодовиту співпрацю. Бажаю автору натхнення і міцного здоров'я. Сайт дуже дінамічний і відпрацьовує на відмінно. Зараз запускаємо другий проект на шаблоні showcase ;)

19 june 2023

All is cool!
Respect to the authors!

A small bug needs to be fixed if a second scroll bar appears in the side menu on the main page with more than 13 items.

Administrator response

Добрий день.

Дякуємо за ваш вибір і ваш відгук. Стосовно меню, виправлено у версії 1.2.1

25 may 2023

I really liked the template, everything you need is in it, easy installation, intuitively everything is clear. If you want a cool online store - I recommend!

Special thanks to those support, answers come instantly, always in touch, help!

We have already bought about 10 licenses here, the flight is excellent, everything works stably!

Many thanks to the team

Taras B.
Taras B.
11 april 2023

I don't know those people who like to leave feedback, especially when they are satisfied with a product. Maybe only when they have negative experience with it. But in this case, it's an exception to the rule 100%.

I want to share my impressions about the Template (ShowCase), the website, and most importantly, TECHNICAL SUPPORT (not just capitalized words).

I was looking for a template for a new online store, first I checked out the free ones and realizing their "potential," I decided to go for the paid version with support since I'm not a coding expert and would definitely need help in the future. Google offered OCtemplates on the first page, and I started studying all the future nuances of using the template with the site's technical support (not even being their customer yet). Questions were asked in whole lists, and the support patiently answered for almost a week. And finally, I decided to get the freshest template - ShowCase!

The installation of the template has a certain algorithm of actions (all instructions are on the site). After the installation, the template's functionality was a bit confusing since everything was minimalist, but it was all fixed by installing the super package "Quick Start" - it's a really cool set of already configured options for the future store! It's much more convenient to adjust or remove unnecessary things that way.

I also want to draw attention to the Hosting Requirements, where the site will be located (there are also instructions!). It's possible to figure out, nothing complicated.

Honestly, after reading all the reviews, and 98-99% of them were positive (the same goes for other templates), I had doubts about the ratings, but when I tried it myself, I didn't doubt the honesty of those reviews at all.

And then, the settings began, installing add-ons, especially for myself with the help of CSS styles - which the Tech Support kindly helped with.

What I would add to this template are more modifiers, additional modules that would transform the visual display of the template and add interesting features!

To summarize all the above, I want to make a conclusion that the product is really good! And not just to sell and forget, but with a truly Cool Support! (They even replied to me on Friday evening around 10:00 PM, which is not their working hours).

Unfortunately, I have nothing to compare OCtemplates with, but if there is a need for help with a template, it's only with a company like this! Super!

I wish success to professionals! More clients and grateful reviews!

P.S. By the way, a fresh update came out yesterday, so I'm going to install it :)

Oleksandr (
Oleksandr (
01 april 2023

I am already buying a second site on a template from octemplates. The first trailer is a great template, works great.
But ShowCase is simply the TOP of templates. Incredible optimization. Google PageSpeed gives 100% of what is on the PC, what is on the mobile version!! This is space guys, TOP TOP TOP.
I recommend everyone to move from the old "bottom" to this "rocket". Google will definitely appreciate what makes it stand out from the competition.
Plus - super modern design, everything is intuitive. "Shopping" on the site is a pleasure.

Technical support, as always, works perfectly, calmly gives recommendations for changing CSS (if the task is clearly described), for which freelancers charge money.

Undoubtedly the best of the opencard templates!!!

17 march 2023

Already bought the 5th template from OCTemplates, this time ShowCase, the guys are doing things. Everything is conveniently implemented, the appearance is amazing, with each new template online stores look many times more modern and relevant. It can be seen that they are constantly developing and improving their products, thanks for their excellent support, they are quick to get in touch and help solve any questions. A big plus is discounts for regular customers. I recommend it to anyone who still doubts))

03 march 2023

I have already purchased two templates for two online stores, namely the ReMarket and ShowCase templates.
I stopped at the templates of this developer, because first of all I liked the performance of the templates, 95-100%, checked with PageSpeed Insights. These are the best productivity templates out there today.
Templates contain many additional interesting modules, simple and easy to configure.
In case of difficulties, support always helps quickly and qualitatively with all issues.
There is a pleasant discount system for all customers.
In short, I recommend it to everyone!

01 march 2023

Very happy with the template and support.
I installed it myself, the first time. Everything was shown, told, etc.
They answer all questions and help to solve.
After installation, I checked that all modules work without problems, the settings are minimal, the instructions are not easy to understand.
I also checked Google PageSpeed immediately after installation. My indicators:

Main mob 88
Main PC 96
Mob 91 category
PC category 98
Product mob 86
Product pc 93

In my opinion, these are pretty good numbers out of the box. In reality, the site just flies!
I definitely recommend contacting OCTemplates. This company works for people.
Peaceful heaven to all. Glory to Ukraine!

21 february 2023

Super! This is not the first template I use from OCTemplates - they work perfectly. The entire starter set is in the templates. The support is also great, they always promptly help and advise on all issues. Good luck with your development and projects.


Detailed information about the update can be receive in our blog

What are "templates for Opencart"?

Opencart is a free CMS for creating an online store, thanks to which, every day, hundreds of entrepreneurs create and open new online stores around the globe.

Opencart CMS supports many payment and delivery modules, including: LiqPay, Privat24, PayPal, Skrill, Nova Poshta, and others.

By default, you will already have access to such necessary tools as: currencies, localization, customer account, discounts, promotions and customer groups, and much more, which will ultimately allow you to create an online store with quite impressive functionality.

Will I be able to create an online store on my own using the Opencart template?

Creating an online store on Opencart templates from scratch usually takes from several hours to one day.

All you need is to buy a domain name for your project, pay for the template and hosting and install the add-on according to the instructions, after that you start filling your online store.

We have detailed documentation for each template, which means that you can customize the modules and change the look of your project yourself.

If you have no experience in working with Opencart templates, our staff will be able to help you install the Opencart template and CMS, more details in the "Services" section.

Will I be able to maintain my store on my own?

Yes, you can. Opencart has a fairly simple and intuitive interface as well as documentation.

Also, if you have any questions about customizing Opencart templates, you can contact our Support Center.

Opencart has a huge community, the number of users of which has already exceeded 100,000 people.

On this resource you can find answers to your questions, and after registration - ask your questions to the entire community.

How is Opencart different from a website builder?

You are not dependent on problems that may arise at any time in the data centers of the "site builder", physically the site does not belong to you at all.

By installing the Opencart template, you get a ready-made solution at your disposal, which will allow you to expand or modify the functionality of your store if necessary.

Sites that are built on "website builder" services are slow to load, have a poor Google Page Speed ​​rating, and are poorly promoted and ranked in search engines.

According to recent research, online stores that are built on "website builder" have poor conversion rates. Your customers go to competitors, and this is a significant loss of profit.

What technical support can I get after purchase?

We provide technical support within our modules and add-ons in the Support Center

Please pay attention to the working hours of the technical support service: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00 (except weekends and holidays)

Do you help to install CMS and template on hosting?

Yes, but this service is paid. You can get acquainted and order it in the "Services" section of our website.

In order to install an Opencart template or modules for this CMS, you need to have at least minimal knowledge and understand what hosting, PHPMyAdmin and FTP are.

If you don't know all this - it doesn't matter, our staff will help you install Opencart and set up template modules on your hosting.

What are we selling?

Our team has been specializing in creating universal templates for CMS Opencart since 2014.

Our templates are an individual and modern design and a set of the most necessary marketing tools.

Here you can buy opencart templates for Opencart 3.

Our main goal is to make the most convenient and inexpensive product, a product that can be safely called a multifunctional budget e-commerce solution, having which you can start online trading in the shortest possible time.